Andrea Veneziani

“Bassist and leader Veneziani has a warm upright tone here reminiscent of the famed Bill Evans’ bassists. What makes Veneziani’s tone so rich is its warmth and ability to accompany like a vocalist rather than a metronome.„

— Marc Myers - JazzWax

“With Oltreoceano, Veneziani has a chance to reflect on the last couple of years through sensitive arrangements that display his penchant for composition. After a brief interlude, the album opens with “Night Flight”. The piece is a Veneziani original presented in 3/4 time. It is light and opens with delicate piano before the entrances of Veneziani and Pederson set up an easy groove. The double bassist’s playing is warm. Another Veneziani original, “In Viaggio con Te”, invokes a number of time signature shifts. It moves effortlessly from a melodic opening waltz to 5/4, 7/4 and 4/4, all while keeping its pure tone and delightful musicality.

With a firm sense of jazz history and a desire to cross oceans of sound, Veneziani’s Oltreoceano is a swinging entry in what should be a very exciting career for the bassist.„

— Jordan Richardson - Canadian Audiophile

“Bassist Andrea Veneziani teams up with drummer Ross Pederson and featured pianist Kenny Werner for Oltreoceano. It is an excellent blend of originals and standards in a variety of tempos. They really swing on the cover of Charlie Parker’s “Segment” and “Traffico”, one of Veneziani’s originals. Each of the trio gets time in the spotlight and all are up to the challenge making this a formidable effort!„

— Oscar Groomes - O’s Place Jazz Magazine

“A very nice first disc by Veneziani.„

A Jazz Listener’s Thoughts

“I must say, Veneziani often, and always appropriately, comes to the forefront, demonstrating his high qualities not only as a composer and band leader, but also as a brilliant bassist. I would emphasize in this program such tunes as the elegant jazz waltz “Twelve Clowns”, the energetic “Bop-B”, the ballad “Gravity” and the light cut towards today’s almost mandatory latin jazz in the form of the final samba “Shunting Line”. Well, it can be stated that over the years Andrea’s music has won in the depths of musical ideas and has lost nothing in freshness and creativity. I think after listening to The Lighthouse, you will agree with me.„

— Leonid Auskern - Jazz Quad


May 2024

New article published on DownBeat magazine

I’m honored to have been invited to write an educational article for the prestigious DownBeat magazine. Please visit the Teaching page to read it.
Oct 2023

New record The Lighthouse released on October 6th!

I’m thrilled to announce that my new record The Lighthouse is set for release on all the digital platforms on October 6th! The album features all original compositions and a great lineup with Kirk Knuffke on cornet, Charlie Sigler on guitar and Allan Mednard on drums. Please visit the Music page for more info.
Mar 2023

Performances in Rome, Mexico City and Salt Lake City

Very excited to travel to Rome, Mexico City and Salt Lake City for some upcoming concerts and a master class at the University of Utah during the months of March and April! Please check the Events page for details.

Upcoming events


Saku Nousiainen & Andrea Veneziani Duo @ Dutch Baby Bakery

6:00pm - 813 West 187th Street, New York, NY 10040, United States

Ken Kobayashi Trio @ Tomi Jazz

10:00pm - 239 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022, United States
$10 cover charge, for information visit

Rafael Rosa & Andrea Veneziani Duo @ Concerts in Motion

2:00pm - 458 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224, United States